What does shrimp farming look like from space?

Phang Nga Province, Thailand: Satellite observations can monitor shrimp farming anywhere in the world.

A closer look at remote monitoring

How does remote monitoring work?

Sóc Trăng Province, Vietnam: The number of ponds in this region can reach 200 ponds per square kilometer. Here we select four ponds totaling 1.58 ha.

Key Data Elements collected by satellite observations

Satellite-derived key data elements provide information on farming practices and performance.

Assessing farm productivity based on pond activity

Based on historic satellite observation two crops were produced and ponds were fallowed (emptied completely) for at least two-weeks between production cycles in 2020.

Chatbots and mobile messaging platforms for farm data collection

Verification data is requested through regionally popular mobile messaging platforms using automated chat systems, and verified by image recognition technology.

What is remote monitoring for?

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