Advancing the sustainability of farmed shrimp

Global farmed shrimp production grew 500% between 2007–2017 according to the FAO. (Source: MVJ Group)


The Issue

Total land area reduces as shrimp production intensifies. (Source: WWF).


The Solution

Phang Nga Province, Thailand: Satellite observations can monitor shrimp farming anywhere in the world.

Our model for accelerating sustainable shrimp production practices

Remote monitoring plays a key role in each phase of the acceleration process.

Implementation Partners

With remote monitoring, companies like eFishery can scale-up impact investing efforts and improve ROIs.
Gujarat, India: Farmer-submitted photos verify pond fallowing prior to stocking (Source: MVJ Group).
Smallholder vanilla farmers in Madagascar using Wholechain to provide farmer-to-consumer traceability.

What is the full potential for remote monitoring?

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