If impact financing is key to sustainable shrimp farming, how can satellites, mobile phones, and big data accelerate this process?

Written by Zack Dinh and Shelby Oliver, founders of Sea Warden Inc.


  • Scaling up impact investing efforts is critical to accelerating the transition to sustainable shrimp farming practices.
  • Impact investing…

An overview of our approach to monitoring global shrimp farming activity.

Written by Zack Dinh, founder of Sea Warden Inc.

A closer look at remote monitoring

Remote monitoring can address many data-related challenges within the shrimp farming industry:

  • Enable impact financiers to conduct due diligence and portfolio monitoring at scale (critical to accelerating the transition to…

Zack Dinh

Earth observation and spatial analytics for aquaculture monitoring at scale. Founder + Head of Location Intelligence @sea_warden

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